The RAW Photographer

Adventures of an RA Warrior through her Photography

Wasco County Adventure

Well, would'nt you know it, Rob and I finally managed to get away for the day last Wednesday, We went up to Mosier and checked out the other trail at the Tom McCall Nature Preserve, got a few pictures up... Continue Reading →

Insert Catchy Title Here

That's the best I can come up with  LOL, seriously, It's been one of those weeks for me. Monday was spent on the phone and computer setting up my rides for the week to dr appointments and Therapy, Since I... Continue Reading →

First Adventure of the year

Well, the weather wasn't as ideal as I'd hoped for, cloudy and muggy instead of Sunny and clear skies, at least it wasn't raining. Yesterday Rob and I went and checked out the tulip festival over at the Woodenshoe Tulip... Continue Reading →

Surgery, A Flare, New Computer & The Tulip Festival.

  Well, Here I am, 4 weeks Post Op and my hand is doing well, Im still in a brace like contraption that holds my fingers in place, I have about 2 more weeks of wearing that then i should... Continue Reading →

Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Day

It is February 2nd, that means it is Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Day. A Few facts about Rheumatoid Disease. 1.5 million people suffer from RD RD accounts for 22% of all deaths related to Arthritis. RD Patients are 2 x's likely... Continue Reading →

53 days and Counting

Until spring that is. And I can't wait! I've always been partial to spring and Summer because of all the fun adventures that happen during the Spring and Summer months, Spring wildflower adventures, seeing new life blooming all around us.... Continue Reading →

Scattered Thoughts.

Well, Its Sunday, End of the first week of the new Year. It took me a bit to get going on this weeks blog because I had a difficult time coming up with what to talk about let alone a... Continue Reading →

Happy 2017

Well, here we are, it's 2017, a new year, Fresh start, time to look ahead at what is to be. Rob is working today, Boo Hiss, My Brother Dan is kinda moping around today cause it's to cold and wet... Continue Reading →

These Are Just A Few Of My Favorite…..Shots.

I just love B&W photography, but then ya'll know that. it's simple, clean, and can actually be quite dramatic in the right situation. I didn't get to shoot much this year, definatley not much B&W beyond a few shots of... Continue Reading →

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